Posted by: Stef | August 28, 2009

See You at the Finish Line

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote on this blog… I really owe this one a few posts… anyhoo, for the love of driving, those who just like joy rides or are born with a healthy (or even slightly unhealthy) sense of competition, here’s one for you:

the Northern Adventure Race is a Point to Point Race with Checkpoints. (Manila – Baguio – San Fernando, La Union – Dagupan – Subic)

The goal is to reach the Finish Line with the least time and within the limits of the law. A minimum time from point to point shall be set by Race Director using a theoretical computation between distance and maximum speed limits.

Every minute under theoretical time will mean incurring a penalty of plus 5 minutes.

Anyway, here are the Mechanics:

– Interested participants can fill up Registration Form at
– Email separately soft copies of the following requirements to (a) 2×2 individual photos of Team Members, (b) scanned valid license of appointed driver and co-driver, (c) pic of car to be used for the Race, (d) scanned car registration. If Team doesn’t own car, submit authorization from registered owner.
– Attend the Aug 29 Project Launch in Greenhills Shopping Complex, 9pm. Bring car and photocopies of required documents.
– No Registration Fee for the first 50 Cars who will be approved to join.
– After 50 Cars, Registration Fee of P1000 will be imposed. Reg Fees shall be made part of the Grand Prize
– To determine if you are part of the first 50 Cars with no Registration Fee, an email will be sent back to you confirming your Registration Number. A slot will be reserved for you pending final confirmation on August 29 during the Launch Celebration.


– Map & Route will be emailed to Participating Teams 5 days before Event Day.
– Checkpoint Locations will be given on the day of the Event
– There shall be one minute interval for the start of each car
– Competitors will be issued score cards to keep track of route and times
– Gas for the Race & Accommodations in Subic shall be to the account of the Participating Team


August 29, 2009 (Sat) Launch & Screening in Greenhills Shopping Complex, 9pm
September 19, 2009 (Sat) Northern Adventure Race (Actual Event)


P 50,000 cash
Special Edition Jacket
5 cases M-150 Energy Drink
Special Gift Packs from Partners

Grand feast awaits all finishers in Subic!

FOR INQUIRIES: Call M-150 Secretariat. Ask for Kat Corpus

Hotlines: (632) 707.9859 / (632) 393.0288
Cell: (63) 9193292013 / (63) 9228808805
Email :

Godspeed guys. I wanna join this race too. I love to drive!

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